One Year in. How Times Have Changed.


It has been one year since we began managing the deli and my how times have changed.  We are in a pandemic.  The COVID-19 virus have disrupted all corners of life.  Schools, churches, offices, and businesses have closed or have limited access and hours.  Beaches and parks are similarly impacted.  We have been blessed to be deemed an essential business and remain open to serve the community.  It has not been easy.  Food and cleaning supplies have been harder to source.  First, gloves and paper products (napkins, towels) ran out, then turkey and beef products, then our bread supplier reduced their product lines due to slower demand.  Through it all, our guiding light was to be there for our community.  We waited in lines and found alternative sources for the materials we need.  

As the state slowly reopen, we show our appreciation by sewing and giving away face coverings to customers (while supplies last).  We selected a "neck tube" design because it is easier to sew, comfortable to wear, and easy to pull-up or down over the nose and mouth.  In the winter, it'll do double-duty as a neck warmer.  So, come in and enjoy one of our delicious sandwiches, wave to our friendly staff, and ask for a Tutor Neck Tube, if you need one.

Stay safe and Healthy!

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